About the film

Production Year:         
Genre: Drama
Director : Yim Ho

Aaron Kwok   Charlie Yeung   Nina Paw   Anne Liu

Henry Lo    Josie Ho    Carlson Cheng  

Gregory Rivers


In the early 80’s, Bu Hua-quan at the tender age of 40, becomes the first Chinese Tai Pan in Hong Kong’s history.

Born of fisherman’s stock – the oldest and poorest inhabitants of Hong Kong, Bu completes his primary school education only when he is already in his early 20s. When he enrolls in the East Indian Trade Company – the most prestigious colonial trading company of its days – his schooling record is such that he can only write down “Literate” for education. Yet, within the next 20 years, he manages to take over the operation of the company from the conservative and racist old guards.

His appearance has slightly different from the native born Chinese, people around called him “half breed”. When he was a kid, his father died of a fishing accident, and the resulting debts that fall on the shoulder of Bu’s mother, scattered his siblings across foster homes and orphanage. In face of such adversaries, his mother never gives up on reuniting the family, works more harder to remunerate the debts. Simultaneously, Bu works on daytime and study at night for the accomplishment of education. Later he experiences a series of personal and public turmoil that would push him to the expansion of career. He also discovers the truth of his origin.