About the film

Production Year: 2008
Genre: Romantic Thriller
Director: Tsui Hark
Starring: Lee Sinje    Isabella Leong    Chang Chen   Guo Xiao Dong    Tony Leung    Chang Cheng Yue
Awards: 45th Golden Horse Awards – “Best Sound Effects” (2008)
Website: Missing


Missing is a romantic mystery revolving around a team of divers exploring real life Asian Atlantis, Yonaguni, a sunken city lying between Taiwan and Japan discovered in 1986.

Guo Dong is an archaeologist who is mesmerized by the beauty and legend of Yonaguni. He vowed that when he has found his lover, he would bring her to this island and propose to her using an engagement ring which he hid earlier. Soon after he fell in love with a psychiatrist, Go Jing, and decided to bring her to Yonaguni, they dived into the sea and searched for the engagement ring. However, tragedy struck and Guo Dong disappeared in the underwater. The search workers found a headless body but DNA testing were unable to confirm whether the body was Guo Dong.

Go Jing who was unable to accept this sudden change of events of the disappearance of Guo Dong, slipped into a daze abruptly. She decided to investigate deeper as to know what happened in the underwater, she engaged to the help of one of her patients, Simon. Through his help, she saw things which she were not suppose to know and strange events started occurring to her. Were these queer incident real or just hallucinations, that frightened Go Jing seriously.

Led by an unseen force, she went back to Yonaguni in search of the truth, and yearned for the fateful moment.