Ip Man 2


About the film

Production Year: 2010
Genre: Martial arts
Director: Wilson Yip Wai-shun
Action Director: Sammo Hung

Donnie Yen   Sammo Hung   Huang Xiao-ming   Simon Yam
Xiong Dai-lin   Fan Sui-wong   Kent Cheng   Carlson Cheng   Darren Shahlavi


47th Golden Horse Awards  – “Best Action Choreography” (2010)

30h Hong Kong Film Awards  – “Best Film Editing” (2010)

                                           – “Best Action Choreography” (2010)

(with countless else awards)

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During the Sino-Japanese War, Ip Man protected the dignity of Chinese by using his martial art against the Japanese. He experience the hardship of the wartorn China. After the war, he brought his family to flee Foshan and went to Hong Kong to start a new page in 1949.

His friend, the chief editor of a newspaper, lending the roof to Ip for teaching Wing Chun. A young man Wong Leung gathered a few of his boxing friends and asked Ip to be their master. Ip then had his first group of pupil.

Wong Leung is so young and angry with a rough guy, Cheng who invited him for a fight. Cheng was beaten by Wong completely. He felt indignation at Wong, therefore he kidnapped Wong to fish market. Ip rushed to fish market alone to save Wong, where he meets Master Hung, the one who own the fish market. Hung and his friend Fatso came with a gang of people asking why Ip can teach pupils without their permission. They blamed Ip and claimed Ip has to accept challenges from masters of all martial types within the time of burning a joss stick before teaching martial arts in Hong Kong.

Ip accepted the challenge in a Chinese restaurant. Hung was the last one who fought with Ip. It was a sparing match that the combat has no result even after the joss stick finished burning. Hung admired Ip’s Kungfu and allowed Ip to open his own martial institute after submitting a membership fee.

Meantime, the Superintendent was the host of “King of Boxing Competition”. He visited the venue where the “King of Boxing Competition” would take place. His friend, the English Boxer, Tyler Milos, nicknamed Twister to combat the Hong Kong Kungfu masters.